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    I first started to using DeviantArt over a year ago. It seems like a lot for me now, even though a year is a quite small amount of time actually. Beside DeviantArt, I had a lot of changed in my personal life as well. I wasn't feeling fully confortable in DeviantArt since the very beginning. It has nothing to do with the actual site, but with how I felt about sharing my artwork on internet.
    When I started to sharing my art here I actually just wanted to be able to open up for people a little more, even if it were only through. I've always been a shy person, and I hoped this site to be an easy way to get ride of that aspect of my personality.
    But it wasn't easy at all. My art has always been something really personal for me, and the fact that anyone see what I paint made me feel really unconfortable. When some people startedto watch me, that feeling got worse. I also started to be afraid of being not good enough and dissapoint them. Those feelings made really hard to me to do art anymore, and the account got less active. I started to felt guilty for that too.
When this year started, I decided to officially go in a hiatus. I wanted to take that challenge of drawing everyday of the year and improve my basic skills. Being on a hiatus removed that guilty for not uploading anything. Also, I was able to keep for myself all the drawings and peitings that I did, wich made me confident enough to take risks again. I felt way better than before.
    Since I joines to DeviantArt, I slowly started to think that I could do comissions at some point. It was a dream of mine as a child to earn money with my art, but seeing that it is quite easy to do it online made me think that it was possible. I also met a lot of people in real life who appreciate my art, wich made me more confident.
    I've decided to get out of the hiatus and keep the account active by sharing things about myself or posting WIPs. I'll try to open accounts in other sites as well, wich I didn't do because I was too afraid to be found by people that I know in real life.
    Finally, I want to thank to everyone who has supported me i  any way—by watching me or faving and commenting. I've found a lot of lovely people here, and I'm really thankfully for all your kindness.
Branka-Johnlockian Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you decided to come out of hiatus and that you are going to
submit your artwork onto dA again :)
Good for you and good luck :hug:
LittleAmeba Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for your kindness! :huggle:
Branka-Johnlockian Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are more than welcome :tighthug:
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